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A kitchen for all

"I started as a pizza maker, not far from the village of my childhood in Italy in Puglia.

My passion for cooking comes from my mom. She cooked all the time and I was always with her, we were close.

We can say that she put me at ease with the pans! At first I was playing, then the game became learning.

After 15 years in the restaurant business, I can confirm that transforming the products of the land remains my true passion: in fact, cooking is not a series of repetitive actions unrelated to the spirit.


My cuisine is inspired by my Italian heritage and the influences of French cuisine, my adopted country. 

Allied to the "Slow Food" movement founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini, I am convinced that the cook is an artisan of the kitchen."



" Inventing new practices,

new rhythms,

another sense of the place that is the restaurant,

invent a framework where cooks can free themselves from old obsolete rules, finally become fully artisans again, working transparently, with respect and humanism, and feeding with meaning and pleasure."

Cooks Alliance Manifesto

slow food

Terracotta Restaurant-lj-09052022-IMG_6908.jpg

Salvatore Macripo'


54 Central Street
Souchon Park
Ground floor Town hall building Saint Andéol Le Château

T: 07 - 49 77 53 32
P: 09 - 85 21 00 03

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